LV INTERNATIONAL is not limited to the standard Carbide End Mills but also dedicated to designing and producing special carbide cutting tools for customers.

Due to the difference in shape, size, and application, the special tools are totally different from standard carbide end mills. The special tools are all custom-designed. It can be produced according to customer’s requirement. Give us the draft and we will give you everything.

LV INTERNATIONAL also provides OEM service to customers from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Iran, and Hungary.
We produce high-quality and stable tools with reasonable price. If you have any requirement, please contact us.

Our goal is aiming to be the best partner, that’s why we need to provide comprehensive service to customers. We not only produce carbide cutting tools, we supply various kinds of Grind Tool simultaneously.
Including Ultrasonic Lapping Machine, Air Grinders, Ceramic Fiber Stone and various consumable compounds for grinding.